Manage Microsoft SharePoint 2010 instance on dev’s workstation.

When I setup the SharePoint 2010 on Windows7 x64 system I was quite satisfied by my laptop performance but as development and customization begins, IIS, Windows Services and SharePoint instance became more resource intense. See the following task manager graph it tells the major difference.

system memory before sharepoint server 2010Stats before SharePoint 2010. system memory after sharepoint is startedStats after SharePoint 2010 installation.

Though I use to work in SharePoint occasionally so I don’t need the instance running 24/7 on my development machine. While looking in to the core I figure out that we need couple of SharePoint\SQL(SharePoint Services [SPTimerV4,DCLoadBalancer14,DCLauncher14,SPWriterV4,SPUserCodeV4,SPTraceV4,SPAdminV4,WebAnalyticsService] and SQL Server services [MSSQLSHAREPOINT,SQLWriter,SQLSERVERAGENT]) services to keep the SharePoint instance live and off course an IIS instance as well; but it seems quite hectic to start\stop such services\software’s on demand as allot of clicks and software switching was required; other big disadvantage was that you have to keep a particular order to start such services else some of the services wont either start or they will eventually fill your event log.We learned that Microsoft did introduce PowerShell to automate such hectic routines, while reading the MSDN and some technical blogs I came to a really good script written by Emmanuel Bergerat which I really love to share as it saved allot of typos for me. To automate the process follow the steps below:

Important: Modify services startup type
You need to modify the startup type of some services; this will not allow the SharePoint instance to start automatically.This step is required once you setup your workstation.
Manual way: Navigate to Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Services, locate the following services and change their startup type from automatic to manual save the service setting and close the dialog accordingly.

Pakistan SharePoint User Group meeting–Oct 16, 2010 Summary

On October 16, 2010 we had a great user group meeting about different SharePoint capabilities main core of chat was to discuss How SharePoint can facilitate us in community sites. Pakistan SharePoint User group owner “Saifullah Shafiq SharePoint (MVP)”started the presentation on “SharePoint Communities” right on time, discussed different new features like FAST search engine, Organization structure, Tagging, User profiling sync with Active directory, new features of Wiki, Blogging engine and Web 2.0 integration in SharePoint 2010.

User group meeting chat session kick started right after the tea break, which was quite informative for SharePoint geeks and for the new bees; attends shared their idea\experience the migrating process from Microsoft SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010, good questions came forward for disk base caching for BLOB data, working offline with SharePoint workspace etc.

Thank you all for attending and participating in the event. Please stay tuned as many more events are coming. Congrats to Muhammad Kazim, Syed Shoaib Adil and many other who won the DXperience Enterprise Subscription, Ipod, different books by Apress and Microsoft Publisher’s through referrer


Security vulnerability in ASP.NET and SharePoint.

Microsoft has announced security advisory 2416728 for the vulnerability in ASP.NET and SharePoint, This issue affects different flavors of SharePoint server’s as listed below:

  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Windows SharePoint Services 2.0

On Microsoft SharePoint Blog post there are some workarounds listed for these flavors which are temporary measures that will block the known attack vector until a security update is released. To apply such preventive measures do visit the Microsoft Blog post ASAP.

SharePoint 2010 Presentation and Chat

Event Details:
Please join us on Oct 16, 2010, Saturday for a SharePoint Chat event. There will be a presentation on SharePoint 2010 capabilities that empower communities. There will be a chat event after the presentation. Free food will be served before the presentation. There will be free gifts for the participants. Gifts include iPod, books including SharePoint 2010  books, T-shirts, CDs, DVDs, Free software, etc.


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM = Lunch and (Social) Networking
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM = Presentation on SharePoint 2010 Communities
3:00 PM - 3:15 PM = Tea break
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM = General SharePoint Chat


Meeting hall is at the first floor. The booking is by the name of "SharePoint Pakistan User Group". Booked by "Wali Systems". Hotel phone number is 35784411. Manager's name is Arshad Shahab and his cell is 0300-9418019

ASP.NET Security Vulnerability MS10-070 - Important

Couple of days back Scott Guttery blogged about a vulnerability which exists for different versions. Though there was a proposed solution but now Microsoft has released the windows update and detail information KB about this issue is being released by Microsoft advisory. For more detail visit this link.